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    About Us

    Our vision is to connect businesses with talent and improve lives through better careers.
    We are one of Asia’s leading online employment marketplaces.
    Helping facilitate the matching and communication of job opportunities between jobseekers and employers, in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

    Founded in Malaysia in 1997, JobStreet.com now has a team of 800 talented individuals, giving us a strong local presence in every country in which we operate.

    With our understanding and insights on each market, as well our passion for technology, we provide jobseekers the best opportunities and deliver exceptional value to employers.

    In November 2014, we became part of the Australian Stock Exchange-listed SEEK Limited – the world’s largest online employment marketplace by market capitalisation. As part of the SEEK family, we leverage world-class products to match talented job seekers with reputable employers across the region.

    We are committed to continuously improving the value we provide to jobseekers and employers. To deliver on this, we continue to evolve our product and service offerings to better facilitate the matching of jobseekers to employers.